Getting Your Dream Body – Start Today Not Tomorrow

Wherever you go you always see advertisements for weight loss. If you pick up a magazine, it’s hard to avoid seeing an ad promising some time of miracle weight loss solution. When you watch television, commercial after commercial will be informing you of some new way to burn fat and keep it off. But even if you were to tune out advertisements, it always seems as though people are talking about losing weight on social media or in conversations when you catch up in real life with someone.

With all these conversations and things going on about this topic, you think that we would be living in a skinny society but we are not. The truth is we are experiencing an epidemic for obesity. This is a terrible thing and is not only wrecking the self esteem of people and taking away their confidence but it’s also increasing disease and ill health. So if you are overweight, then it’s not only just a vanity thing why you should want to lose weight but being obese has some very big health consequences that you simply cannot turn your back on.

So you need to do whatever you can to help yourself to lose weight and do so now. Not some time during the future. And if you are using the excuse of “tomorrow” to lose weight, well, sadly tomorrow is just another way to excuse yourself from taking action today. So after reading this I want you to dedicate yourself to changing your course in life and seek out solutions to help you get thin, healthy, and attractive.

You can do this! With the right resources and the burning desire to make something happen, you can achieve the body you desire.

So start gathering your resources. You may want to try something like Slimfy to help you burn fat. You could also go on a new diet. You could surround yourself with people who have gone from fat to skinny. You could start listening to motivational speakers about their journey from fat to thin. There are countless things you can do. The important thing is that you do your research and then start trying a bunch of things together. The more things you can do the greater your chances of actually losing weight and keeping it off.

I believe in you, now you just need to believe in yourself. Go out and make this happen today!

The Power Of Routine To Help You Become A Goal Achieving Machine

It’s not every day that I can say that I wake up and go about my routine for the first hour and then I find myself in a super productive and highly motivated state for the rest of the day where I can just power through any task and make big things happen in regards to my goal achievement prospects. Well I can safely “bank” on the fact that my morning routine gets me amazing results each and every time that I do it.

If you don’t have a morning routine that helps you to enhance everything you do that day, then you really need to start getting one together ASAP!

But what does it mean to have a morning routine. Most people when it comes to their routine simply wake up, have breakfast, shower, get ready for work and off they go. Well this is not the routine that I suggest you do to be the most productive.

This is what I personally do. I wake up one hour earlier that I normally would and the first thing I do is take my Trubrain supplement with a glass of water. I take the pill outside with my water, as I sip slowly in the sun. This helps me to wake up and the sunlight cuts out the production of the sleep hormone melatonin so that I’m awake and feeling great.

Then I go inside and have a cold shower. Yes, you read that right! A cold shower. This has many benefits, but the one I use it for is because it gives me a huge boost of energy. Give it a try and I’m sure you will be amazed at the rush it produces.

Next up I do 20 minutes of meditation. I use to only do 5 minutes and then each week I would add another 5 minutes so after a month I was meditation for 20 minutes. This activity is very powerful and help me focus and become clear.

After my meditation I will make myself a coffee with MCT oil and butter. This is called Bulletproof Coffee and it’s been shown to help fuel your brain and make you more productive. It took me a while to like the taste of this but now I’m addicted to it (in a good way).

Then I will have a breakfast that consists of a berry and kale smoothie. This is actually very nice and helps me to feel amazing. Then I will go off to work. This is my routine. Now find one that works well for you.

Looking For A Treadmill?

How To Narrow Down Your Search For The Perfect Treadmill

If you are browsing Amazon or your local sports stores intent on buying the perfect treadmill you can soon get a sore head. There are just so many choices available it could make your head spin. One of the first things you need to do is start shopping by budget. Forget about all the fancy glitzy gizmos on offer and first narrow down your wish list according to budget.

First look at this- it will help you prime your mind to make a good decision.


Next up you need to start reading reviews. If you have less than a $1000 to spend you can start looking at places like this: Treadmill Reviewers guide to choosing a Weslo treadmill. You should also browse their site and start looking at the reviews by budget sections. Next up you should compare their analysis against the other review sites in the top 10 of Google.

Once this is done hop on over to Amazon. See what their customers have to say about the treadmills that have made it onto your list. Be wary of buying new treadmills that have just made it onto the market. They will not be tried and tested and they won’t have enough reviews out to determine if there are any niggling problems that have arisen just yet.

If you see a product that has over a 100 reviews you can garner a good opinion from the ratings and the reviews on the website. Some products have hundreds and even thousands of reviews so it proves that the product is quite popular. You can also determine from the reviews if the model of treadmill has any particular problems or idiosyncrasies that would be worth knowing about.

For example an extremely tall user of the treadmill may have noticed that if you have a low ceiling the treadmill deck is quite high so you can end up cracking your neck against the ceiling. The manufacture won’t have listed this because they have no way of knowing you have a lowered ceiling in your house or you are over 6ft 5.


Discovering The Faults In Advance

Little gems of information like this can sway you in favor of one treadmill over another. It is best to know these things before placing the order button as a treadmill is hard to set up and repack if it has to go back. Plus you may not find out about a particular facet until a few months down the line. By then the treadmill could be out of warranty.

On another level some faults may be prone to appearing after 12 months. If the treadmill is cheap it most likely has a 3-12 months warranty. You are looking at repair bills, and there is a lot of waiting time and cost when it comes to repairs of this type. It may cost half of the original price and you will be asking yourself why you bought this particular model if that happens.